Pre-wedding photography, also known as the engagement shoot, is an important aspect of wedding planning for many couples. It is a popular trend, with many couples opting to have a professional photo shoot done three to six months before their big day.

While some people may see this as a waste of money, pre-wedding photography can be a great way to capture beautiful and intimate moments between you and your partner.

What Are the Pre-Wedding Concepts You Can Choose

There are a ton of pre-wedding concepts you can choose from to make your wedding day extra special. Here are just a few ideas to get you started:


A traditional pre-wedding concept involves having the bride and groom each gets ready in separate locations with their respective wedding parties. The bride will typically wear a white dress, and the groom will wear a suit or tuxedo. This concept is perfect for couples who want to capture the traditional aspects of their wedding day.


A casual wedding is perfect for couples who want a relaxed and informal atmosphere on their big day. The bride and groom can each get ready in separate locations with their respective wedding parties. The bride will typically wear a casual dress or even a sundress, and the groom will wear a suit or tuxedo.


An indigenous wedding is a perfect choice for couples who want to celebrate their heritage on their big day. There are many beautiful and unique traditions that can be incorporated into the pre-wedding photography session, making it a truly special event for both you and your loved one.


A thematic wedding is a great choice for couples who want to add a unique and personal touch to their big day. There are many themes to choose from, so you can be sure to find one that suits your personality and style. Whether you want to go for a vintage-inspired theme or something more modern, there are plenty of options.

If you’re stuck for ideas, take a look at some of our favourites below:

  • Vintage
  • Rustic
  • Garden
  • Beach

How to Make the Most of Your Pre-wedding Photography Session

Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your pre-wedding photography session:

1. Choose a Photographer You Trust

This is the most important thing. You need to find a photographer you feel comfortable with and who you trust to capture your special day.

2. Set Aside Some Time

Pre-wedding photography takes time, so make sure you set aside enough time before your wedding day. Schedule your session when you and your partner are both free and relaxed. Avoid scheduling it right before or after a stressful event, such as a work deadline.

3. Plan Your Outfits

Your pre-wedding photos are a great opportunity to show off your wedding day style. Plan your outfits in advance so you can feel confident and comfortable on the day. Wear clothing that makes you feel comfortable and stylish. And finally, avoid wearing anything too tight or constricting.

4. Decide on a Location

Choose a location that has meaning to you both. This could be where you first met, had your first date, or got engaged. You can also bring along any props that you would like to use in your photos, like a bouquet, a bottle of champagne, or even your engagement and wedding rings.

5. Relax and Have Fun

Pre-wedding photography is a great opportunity to relax and have fun with your partner. It is all about capturing the joy and excitement of your upcoming nuptials. So, enjoy the moment, and don’t worry about the little things.


Pre-wedding photography is a great way to capture the love and excitement leading up to your big day! There are a few things to keep in mind when booking a photographer, such as what style you prefer and what your budget is. But don’t forget to have fun with it–after all, this is one of the most exciting times of your life!

Flux Media Yeg offers wedding photography in Edmonton that can capture the love and excitement of your wedding in a more relaxed setting. We offer a variety of wedding and pre-wedding photography packages to suit your needs and budget. We understand that every wedding is unique, and we will work with you to customize a package that fits your specific needs. Let us capture the most beautiful moments on your big day. Contact us today to get started!

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