You may think wedding photos are for formal gowns, traditional poses, and serene locations, but it doesn’t always have to! It’s your special day, and you can just have fun instead of following the conventional route.

There are plenty of non-traditional wedding photography ideas that can make your special day unique and memorable. From goofy props and unconventional poses to offbeat locations and artistic shots, these ideas will ensure you have wedding photos that are unlike anyone else’s.

Below are some ideas you should keep in mind when hiring a wedding photography service in Edmonton for your non-traditional wedding shoot:

Goofy Props

One way to ensure you have unique wedding photos is to incorporate some silly props. From giant glasses to funny costumes, these props not only add a humorous element to your photos but also help break the ice.

If you want to take things up a notch, you can organise a photo booth at reception with fun props for your guests.

Unconventional Poses

If you want to capture some truly unique wedding photos, then it’s time to think outside the box when it comes to posing.

Sure, traditional poses such as the iconic dip or facing the camera while holding hands look nice. But why not think of some creative poses that will make people stop and take notice? From bright backflips to sweet hugs and playful tumbles, use your imagination so your Edmonton photographer can take some truly special pictures.

Offbeat Locations

Though traditional wedding settings are beautiful, switching up the scenery is always nice. If you’re looking for a unique backdrop for your wedding photos, why not head outdoors?

From a wooded glen to a beachfront shoreline or even a city skyline, there are plenty of options for offbeat locations. Or, if you’re feeling really adventurous, you can ditch the classic setting altogether and take your shoot to an unconventional spot, such as an abandoned building, an art gallery, or on the road.

Artistic Shots

Have you ever thought of adding an artistic spin to the classic wedding portrait? Ask your Edmonton photographer to take some creative shots that combine elements of fine art with traditional wedding photography.

From shooting through gauze or mesh to compositing multiple images to create a beautiful montage, your photographer can surely come up with something truly special.

Unique Angles

Capturing images from unusual angles is a great way to make your wedding photos stand out. Have your photographer capture shots from the ground, above, or even behind you and your spouse. These creative perspectives make for unique shots that will show off your day in an entirely new light.

Spontaneous Moments

A non-traditional wedding shoot is your chance to get spontaneous. During your special day, make sure your photographer is ready to capture the unexpected. Whether it’s a random hug or a silly song and dance, these little moments are priceless and help to bring your wedding photos to life.


With a few creative touches and unique ideas, couples can create wedding photos that are unlike anyone else’s. From goofy props to unconventional poses and offbeat locations, these non-traditional ideas will help ensure your wedding images stand out and reflect the joy and excitement of the day.

Flux Media Yeg offers wedding photography services in Edmonton, Alberta. I take photos of fun and emotional moments during weddings, making sure I capture the love the couples share on their special day. Book my services for your event.

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