You have been dreaming about your wedding day for years, and you want to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible. One of the key players in preserving those cherished memories is your wedding photographer. Communicating effectively with them before the big day is crucial to ensure you get the best results. This post will discuss the essential information you should share with your hired photographer to ensure they capture your wedding day perfectly.

Personal Preferences and Style

Every couple has their unique style and preferences regarding their wedding photographs. Some couples prefer a more traditional, formal approach, while others want candid, documentary-style images. Let your photographer know your priorities so they can plan their shots accordingly.

  • Do you prefer colour, black & white, or a mix of both? 
  • Do you prefer a more formal and posed style or candid and natural moments? 
  • Are there any specific editing styles or filters you prefer?

Important People and Relationships 

Your wedding photographer should know the key people and relationships among your guests. It will help them capture meaningful moments and avoid any potential faux pas.

  • Provide the photographer with a list of the bridal party and their respective roles (e.g., best man, maid of honour, etc.) 
  • Share any sensitive family dynamics (e.g., divorced parents, estranged siblings) to help the photographer navigate these situations 
  • Point out any guests with special needs or mobility issues so that the photographer can make necessary accommodations

Timeline of Events

A detailed timeline of your wedding day events will help your photographer stay organised and ensure they capture all the important moments.

  • Include details such as the ceremony start time, reception entrance, first dance, cake cutting, and send-off 
  • Note any specific traditions or customs unique to your wedding (e.g., cultural ceremonies, religious rituals, etc.) 
  • Inform the photographer of any surprises or planned moments (e.g., choreographed dances, special toasts, etc.)

Must-Have Shots

While experienced wedding photographers will have a mental checklist of key shots to capture, it is essential to communicate any specific photos you want to be taken.

  • Provide a list of must-have shots, including specific poses, groupings, or moments you’d like to be captured 
  • Inform the photographer of any sentimental items or details (e.g., heirloom jewelry, meaningful decorations) that you want to be photographed 
  • Discuss any unique angles or perspectives you want to see in your wedding photos (e.g., aerial drone shots, creative reflections, etc.)

Venue and Location Details

The more your photographer knows about your wedding venue and its surroundings, the better they can plan their shots and maximise the location’s potential.

  • Share details about the venue, including any restrictions or limitations (e.g., no flash photography in a church) 
  • Provide information about the lighting conditions at various times of day, if possible 
  • Suggest any picturesque spots in the surrounding area that you’d like to use for your couple or bridal party portraits

Miscellaneous Details

Lastly, remember to share any miscellaneous information relevant to your photographer.

  • Inform them of any dress code or theme for your wedding so that they can dress appropriately 
  • Provide contact information for your wedding planner, day-of coordinator, or point person who can assist the photographer on the day 
  • Discuss any backup plans for inclement weather, if necessary


Your wedding photographer plays a crucial role in capturing the memories of your big day. By sharing your preferences, essential relationships, timeline, must-have shots, venue details, and other relevant information, you are setting your photographer up for success. Open communication will ensure that your wedding photos perfectly reflect your love story and preserve your cherished memories for years.

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