If you want to take truly unique and memorable wedding photos, consider using props and accessories. By incorporating creative elements into the shoot, you can help your couples express their individuality and add a personal touch to their photos. Not to mention, it can also make posing more fun and interactive!

In other words, props can make or break a photo. They can add dimension, interest, and fun if used well. But if used poorly, they can look cheesy, cluttered, and out of place. It’s all about using props wisely and sparingly.

Here are some props to include:

1. Fairy Lights and Hanging Bulbs

Fairy lights and hanging bulbs can help create a princess or fairy-tale wedding. These little illuminated elements can transform any location into a dreamy setting and add warmth to the images. The string of lights can be stretched out horizontally or placed against a wall to create a waterfall-like effect and magically enhance the creative appeal of your photos.

2. Paper Flowers

Paper flowers are a great way to add a unique and personal touch to your wedding decorations. You can find paper flowers in various colours and styles to match your wedding theme, and they can be used to decorate everything from ceremony arches to old swings. Paper flowers are unique and add a touch of whimsy and nostalgia to the setting. Plus, paper flowers make great photography props and can help you create some stunning wedding photos.

3. Smoke Bombs

Smoke bombs are a great way to add a surreal effect to your wedding photos. You can ask your couple to hold the smoke bombs or have your assistant carry them during the shoot. You can help your couple pick a colour that suits their wedding theme or story with so many available colours.

4. Decorated Ladder

A wooden or wrought-iron ladder can be decorated with flowers or ribbons to make it look more appealing. If a couple can’t find a decorated ladder in the market, they can purchase a simple one and paint it white. The wedding decorators can then decorate it to match the wedding vibe. The ladder should be placed in the corner of the wedding venue, which contrasts with the white of the ladder.

5. Umbrellas

Umbrellas can be a great addition to wedding photography, whether you use them as props or to protect your couple from rain. Transparent umbrellas can create some beautiful images with raindrops falling through them, while lighter umbrellas can create stunning silhouettes.

6. Balloons

Balloons are a great way to add fun to any backdrop, especially weddings. Suggest wedding-themed balloons to your couples, such as alphabet or number balloons with the bride and groom’s initials and wedding date or a sweet message for their guests. Balloons come in shapes and colours, so couples can choose something that aligns with their preferences.


Wedding photography props can be a great way to add creativity and personality to your wedding photos. They can also be a fun way to personalize your wedding day and make it your own. When choosing props, consider the overall theme and feel of your wedding, and choose props that will complement that. With a bit of planning and thoughtfulness, you can use props to create beautiful and unique wedding photos that you and your spouse will cherish for years to come.

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