Anyone who wants to try can be a food photographer with excellent smartphone cameras. Using a few shots, you can capture the delicious dishes, but in some cases, the photos can end up simply turning you off.  If you want to elevate the way you take food photos, it’s crucial to avoid certain mistakes. Here are some of them.

You should avoid taking photos of the food that’s too close to the camera. It can confuse the viewer and make the food appear crushed together. Try to keep your distance. Getting the right focal length is crucial, but this can be difficult if you’re working with a food that’s moving or if you’re moving.

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2. Using Odd Colors When Plating

It’s essential to keep your food photography consistent. If you’re working with a lot of reds, keep your camera in a similar hue. If you’re using yellow and orange, stay within this colour range.

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3. Not Using the Right Focus

When it comes to food photography, the focus is everything. The first thing you want your viewers to see is the food. Unfortunately, if you’re working with a lens that isn’t narrow enough, it’ll take too long for the viewer to even see what’s on your plate.

If you’re using a camera with a DSLR, it has a huge advantage over smartphones. It’s easy to use the manual mode and manual focus to get the picture you want.

If you’re using a phone, you may get better results if you try to use the built-in focus lock to lock the focus on the part of the food you want to highlight.

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4. Using Flash Photography

It’s not a good idea to rely too much on your flash. One of the reasons is that the flash will wash out the colour of the food, making it look dull. For photography with food, you want to keep the colour and texture as vibrant as possible.

The other reason you should avoid using the flash is that if you’re too close to the food, the camera flash can make it look too overexposed, or it can create shadows with unflattering results.

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5. Not Paying Attention to Angles

The angle of the shot has everything to do with the presentation. You can create a beautiful shot from the angle you’re taking.

If you’re taking a shot of a dessert high up, it’s so easy to get a shot that has the subject cut off by the edge of the frame or the foreground.

Plan ahead when you’re setting up your shot. Consider where your subject is placed on the table and line it up with your focal point.

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6. Failing from Experimenting

Getting the right picture is good, but you can take it much further. You can take your shots to the next level and try to make them your own.

Figure out how to create visual interest. Consider adding props or filling the frame with a background. You can try different angles and different shots, too.

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Final Thoughts


You can create beautiful photos of your everyday food if you pay attention to the lighting and angles, use the right setting and review them to make sure they’re as perfect as possible.

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