Many people love portrait photography for many reasons. Some just love the personality and attitude the picture can show of a person, and it can also showcase how the stunning background and lighting can make an individual seem mysterious, interesting, stunning, and more. 

That said, did you know that portrait photography itself is just a general time for the large variety of portrait photography you can take? If you didn’t know that and, now, want to learn more, you’re in the right place!

Let’s talk about the types of portrait photography you can take and possibly add to your albums:

1. Candid Portraits

candid portrait photography flux media edmonton

This is probably one of the most common types of portraits you’ll see and is the most popular in the “standard portrait photos.”

This is when no one actually poses for the picture. Rather, it’s a specific moment that has grabbed the photographer’s attention, and they quickly snap a picture. It’s as if you see someone or, in this case, a person or a pet, going about their usual activity, and you just simply can’t help but take a picture. This type of picture is popular simply because it captures the genuineness of the moment.

This is perfect for weddings, engagements, and even proms. However, it can be used in a different manner, too. For example, the candid portrait can also be used if you see a child doing something special or a pet doing something funny. You can take a picture of the child or pet and make it into an interesting candid portrait.

2. Environmental Portraits

edmonton environmental photography

This portrait is commonly used in weddings and engagements. With this type of picture, the photographer takes a picture of the subject in an environment that outshines the subject. In this case, the subject is simply the person or couple, while the environment is the main focus of the picture.

It can be taken in a lot of places, like in a garden, near a waterfall, a beach, a field, or even a city. Basically, if there is a beautiful background, it can be used as an environmental portrait.

3. Studio Portraits

studio portrait of african american male model wea 2021 12 09 18 50 47 utc scaled

This type of portrait is taken in a controlled environment, often in a studio. This is because the background and lighting are controlled, and the photographer can easily direct the subject to the best angle.

This is more common in corporate and business portraits, beauty portraits and commercial fashion where you can easily choose the background and set up a good, professional picture for your firm or brand. However, studio portraits can also be taken for weddings and engagements and family sessions.

4. Black and White Portraits

beautiful couple in love hugging against black bac 2022 01 12 21 48 40 utc scaled

As its name states, the picture is taken in black and white. However, it doesn’t mean that you don’t use any colours at all. It means that even if a certain colour is used, it is really just a kind of backdrop or complementary colour that isn’t really a focus.

There are a lot of people who love black and white portraits. It’s almost as if you let your creativity run wild when taking or editing this type of picture.


a man photographer with a camera takes a photo in 2021 12 14 02 43 34 utc scaled

Those are the typical types of portrait photography you can find, with each one having its own unique use. However, there are other types of portrait photography you can do, too. Really, it simply lies in your creativity, and that’s the best thing about portrait photography. Your creativity is your limit, and you can do whatever it is you want with portrait photography to capture any and every moment around you!

Flux Media Yeg offers quality and professional photography and videography services. If you are looking for portrait photography in Edmonton, get in touch with us today!

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