No matter what kind of weather graces your big day, your wedding photos can still look amazing. Here are our top tips for taking great photos before, during and after the rainy weather hits. Keep reading!

Use Waterproof Makeup

Having your perfect wedding makeup done on your big day will give you a glowing, radiant complexion throughout the whole day. However, it will be ruined by the rain. Even with natural, airy makeup, you can see the damage caused by rain too. You don’t have to worry about that anymore because waterproof makeup is here!

What is waterproof makeup? It is just like any other makeup, except you can use it during the rainy weather, and it will dry quickly. It’s a great alternative to having your makeup done, allowing you to have the same look for the whole day.

Use Hair Spray to Keep Those Curls

Your hair looks amazing when your hairstylist curls your locks. However, it won’t look amazing once the rain starts. You don’t need to worry about that anymore because you can use hair spray to keep your curls in place. Just make sure to use a high-quality hair spray because cheap ones just won’t do the job.

Hair spray can be applied to the hair like a lotion. You use your fingers to rub it in like you do with your favourite hair moisturizer. Apply it to your hair before the ceremony, and you’re all set for a wedding in the rain. You’ll look as good as you did at the start of the day.

Use Umbrellas to Stay Dry

Umbrellas are essential during a wedding in the rain. You just can’t risk not having one with you because you don’t want to ruin your dress or your hairstyle. You can’t find a better umbrella than the one made from a piece of beautiful fabric, like lace or tulle.

Umbrellas are also a great way to keep your photographer dry, and your photographer will have a better time shooting you in the rain. Just make sure to bring an umbrella that matches your wedding theme and style.

Bring a Rain Plan

In case of a rainy wedding, you should make a rain plan. This will help you deal with everything for your wedding day. First, make sure to check with your venue if they have a backup plan in case of rain. When you have an indoor wedding, this is pretty easy.

Bring an extra pair of shoes if you’re wearing a special pair. You might get them wet and ruin your shoes. In addition, don’t forget to bring an extra umbrella if you need more than one for every wedding party member.

Photograph the Rain Instead of Running Away

Shooting in the rain is fun! If you’re photographing in a very dark area, this can give you some spooky shots that you can use in your wedding album or save as a keepsake.

You can shoot with raindrops on your lens so it looks like rain is hitting you. It’s a great way to add some fun to your photos. You can also photograph your wedding party or your wedding dress wet because that’s a great way to show it is getting rained on.

Stay in Your Wedding Dress

Whether it’s a lovely wedding dress or a white gown, remember that it will be ruined if you walk around in it during a wedding in the rain. Your dress will be wet, and the rain will leave marks on it. Don’t be afraid to get your dress wet. If you do, you can always have it dry cleaned. A few marks are not a big deal compared to walking around in a wet dress.

Don’t Panic

Your wedding photos are more important than your clothing and hair. Don’t let your big day get ruined by rain. It’s okay to get wet; just remember to stay in your dress. And, make sure to have fun!


A wedding in the rain can be an enjoyable and exciting experience. Just make sure to follow our tips and make a rain plan so you can still have a fantastic day in the rain.

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