Edmonton Wedding Photography

Our Edmonton Wedding Photography is about capturing the moment when you decided to be with your forever person. The way the light hit their face, the tears in their eyes as they proclaimed they could never love anyone but you is encapsulated in a timeless photograph.


The big moments immortalized in the photos taken. A seemingly simple gesture — a photograph — captures an important moment. A dream, a promise, a lesson, all exposed in perfect light.

At Flux Media we want to be part of your special day. For us to provide the best wedding photography services we cultivate relationships with our couples. When it comes to the big emotional day, you won’t just have a photographer by your side, but rather a friend.

Contact us so we can discuss details such as wedding photography packages and ensure your special day goes as smooth as possible!

On your wedding day, you will be spending most of your time with the photographer you choose. This is why it is important to make sure that you love their style but you will also be happy to have them around.


36 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

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