When it comes to wedding photos, family portraits are some of the most important to capture. After all, your wedding day is a celebration of your love and commitment to each other, but it’s also a time to celebrate your families coming together.

Formal family group photographs have been a way for us to record the history of our families ever since the introduction of the camera, and a wedding day might be the ideal occasion to take these photos. 

Given that a wedding is one of the rare events that unites your family across generations, you already have a wedding photographer in Edmonton. 

However, family photos at a wedding can also be a major cause of stress, and they may occasionally take up a lot of time during the day when you’d rather be doing other things like relaxing with your favorite people and enjoying beverages during cocktail hour.

Planning is essential if you want your family wedding photography in Edmonton to be all you’ve envisioned. Here are some pointers to get you going:

Make A Plan

There’s no need for family photos to consume a significant amount of your wedding day. You can outline all mandatory pictures and guarantee they go quickly and easily with a little planning. 

As we collect all the different combinations as part of our final planning questionnaire from our couples, we record this information with them and, based on that list, develop a time budget. 

Following time suggestions and the preferences of our pair, we can increase or decrease the list. This preparation work allows us to quickly complete the list, coordinate everyone, and move on to the party when the actual day arrives.

Lastly, we advise you to email each person who will be there at photo time to let them know when and where to be. This ensures everyone is where they should be and saves you time from finding the cousin who used the restroom or the uncle who is already at the bar.

Do Not Include Your Spouse

We occasionally observe combinations of portraits where one spouse intermittently appears in each subsequent image. 

An illustration would be a picture of the bride’s family with and without the groom present. Although we don’t find this to be a strict requirement, we would like you to consider a scenario in which you would wish to publish a family photo without both of you in it. 

Your marriage and family unification are the day’s sole goals! Keep yourselves connected, perhaps with the occasional sibling snapshot.

Allow Important Couples to Also Get Portraits

This last suggestion is a noticeable departure from most of our advice, which tends to help you take fewer photographs and spend less time doing so. 

How frequently does your family get a professional photographer and get dressed up? Allow your parents, grandparents, and only them, to be photographed. They may not have recently had a professional photoshoot, so they will be quite touched that you thought of them.

Value Quality Over Quantity

It would help if you didn’t reorganize your family because you can do it in 50 different ways. Consider which family member pairings you would print and place on the wall of your living room or include in your wedding album. 

Keep that objective in mind to concentrate on the shots that truly matter. It’s simple to rearrange and create myriad variations, but you’re probably searching for a few key images. If in doubt, ask yourself, “Would I frame this?”

Keep The Reason In Mind

Generations of your family were brought together on YOUR wedding day. People went far to attend the celebration because your story was important. 

Your narrative matters, but so does the tale of your entire family. The heritage is preserved by immortalizing this occasion with your family in a picture. 

These images frequently increase in value as time passes, especially after losing loved ones. If you’re under pressure, keep in mind that it’s worthwhile!


There are many things to consider when planning family wedding portraits. It is important to communicate with Edmonton wedding photographers and planners to ensure everyone is on the same page. Timing is also crucial; you’ll want to ensure you schedule the portraits early, so everyone is fresh and looking their best. Most importantly, remember to have fun! Make sure you take the time to enjoy your wedding day because it is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion.

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