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Fall Edmonton Wedding 2021

A big thank you to Jeff & Valentina for letting me capture their beautiful wedding day. It might not have been the ideal destination wedding they had planned in Portugal, but it will definitely be a day they will remember forever. 

When I met with my couple we connected from the very first sip of coffee. We chatted and talked about their details and what I can do to make their day as memorable as possible. Valentina was over the moon in seeing how dedicated I was to being part of their wedding day!

My day started with getting ready with Valentina at DoubleTree by Hilton. Her family flew in from Venezuela and they were so friendly and welcoming! They even treated me to some cheesy traditional appetizers that were to die for. I really love my cheese.

While I was photographing the details (flowers, jewelry) I noticed that Jeff wrote his soon to be wife a heartfelt message on the bottom of her shoes. It was the first time I have experienced that at a wedding and it has so heartwarming!

Connecting with Jeff & his Groomsmen

Over at Jeff’s place we did not have as much time but we made every second count. The highlight of the groom prep was Jeff having to youtube how to tie a bow tie! After having a drink with Jeff and his groomsmen, we snapped a couple of more funky photos and off to church we went for the ceremony.

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Portuguese / Venezuelan Wedding Ceremony at Our Lady Fatima in Edmonton

Family Photos & Couples Portraits

After the ceremony, we took off to Edmonton’s Government House for my favorite part of the day; couples portraits. Jeff warned me when we first met that is “doesn’t do pictures” but look at how natural these two were in front of the camera.

The right person can make every moment a special one. My job is just to capture it in the best light possible. Even the groomsmen participated in a couple of goofy portraits!


Back at the hotel, friends and family gather to welcome and celebrate with Mr. and Mrs. Santos! From the first dance to cake cutting, we finished the night off with a dance party and what they call in the Venezuelan community, “La Hora Loca” or Crazy Hour!

One last time, thank you Jeff & Valentina for having me as part of your beautiful day. Best wishes to the two of you!

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