The initial look is one photo series you won’t want to pass up.  It’s a widely held idea that it’s “bad luck” to see one another before getting married, but that hunch is mere superstition, an outdated concept that modern society should never believe.

This practice is thought to have originated in the days of arranged weddings when it was possible that a couple had never even met before their wedding day.

Before they meet at the altar, if the couple ever exchanges glances, it was thought that if one is unhappy with their match, they might elect to leave.

Nowadays, it’s increasingly normal to tie the knot with the person you love, so there’s no harm in having a first glance or the traditional aisle reveal because you’ll be thrilled with what you see!

The Difference between First Look and First Reveal

During a first look, the bride and groom have a quiet moment together before the wedding ceremony, and the photographer discreetly captures this special moment on video.

On the other hand, the first reveal is the conventional route to take. The photographer will take pictures of the first time the bride and groom would see each other as they walk down the aisle to get married.

The Technicalities of the First Look

The start of your wedding day is already shrouded in so much mystery. It’s usual for you to feel jittery, worried, or tense. First impressions can help you feel less worried and more like you’re going to meet your best friend for the most amazing day of your lives by getting one of those key moments out of the way early.

Pictures of this moment allow you to witness how all of that tension transforms into an experience that can only be characterized as pure delight. Knowing that your partner is experiencing the same things as you does not hurt either.

Knowing that you’re both in this together also calms you down when you see each other shaking with similar emotions and bubbling with enthusiasm.

It Keeps Your Emotional Moment Intimate

In a first-look wedding photo, only you, your future spouse, and your photographer will be present. This can be an emotional time, and only some feel comfortable expressing their emotions in front of their entire family and social circle. The present has a lot of lovely vulnerability wrapped up in it. You’re less inclined to hold back when you’re in a secluded setting with just your spouse and a professional photographer. In a private reveal, the feelings can flow naturally, allowing your photographer to capture the depth of your emotions beautifully.

It Gives You Time to Yourselves

Before you know it, you’ll be walking down the aisle, exchanging wedding rings, saying your vows, receiving all the congrats, and then having a blast at your reception. The days leading up to a wedding are hectic and pass by quickly. You can enjoy this time for yourselves for a short while by setting aside some time for a first look photo session. Before the main commotion starts, you can spend some time there alone contemplating things. There are few opportunities to truly etch these memories into your mind since the wedding day moves by so quickly.

It Offers the Opportunity to Take Your Portraits

The more you accomplish before the wedding, the more time you’ll have later to unwind. You and your photographer can move on to portraits and other images that can be shot before the wedding even starts after your first look wedding photos. The main advantage is having extra time to have supper with your guests or socialize with your favourite individuals.

It Enables You to Share and Appreciate the Details in Your Attire

Perhaps you wore a dress or suit that included your significant other’s favourite colour, or perhaps you’re wearing a locket around your neck that has a miniature of your engagement photo. Even though a lot of attention went into placing these small elements there in the first place, they are frequently forgotten in the chaos of the wedding. The first look is the ideal opportunity to highlight any exquisite features and thoughtful finishing touches that you can’t wait to showcase.


There are many benefits to having a first look on your wedding day. First, it can help you to feel more relaxed and less nervous on your big day. Second, it can help to ensure that you and your partner are on the same page regarding your wedding day timeline. Third, it can give you a chance to take some beautiful wedding photos before the craziness of the day begins. 

Ultimately, whether or not you have a first look is up to you and your partner. But, if you are considering it, be sure to weigh all of the pros and cons before making a final decision.

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