Many weddings were rescheduled last 2020 because of the health crisis. Some couples opted to move their celebration to 2021, while others chose to have it this year. Are you keeping your previous theme? Or do you need to rethink it?

If you have to start from scratch, you do not have to worry because you are in the right place. This article lists the various themes that will look good in wedding photography. Nowadays, many couples do not like the traditional themes. Thanks to the wedding industry, you can have numerous choices and here are a few:

Fairytale Wedding

You can never go wrong with a fairytale wedding. It is guaranteed to look well in wedding photography. You can incorporate fairytale creatures like fairies, elves, pixies, or mermaids in this theme. You can even have a castle or drawbridge.

You can even find inspiration from these creatures for your gown. You can get a fantastic gown that has a train or even a tiara. Your bridesmaids can wear their gowns or dress up as fairytale creatures. You can even have fairy lights in your venue.

If you want a traditional Cinderella theme, you can wear a formal wedding gown and roll up to a carriage. You can also wear a crown. You can even have a horse-drawn carriage.

You can choose from various shades if you do not want to wear white. You can opt for Belle’s yellow gown or perhaps Cinderella’s light blue gown.

Bohemian Wedding

If you are uncertain about having a Bohemian wedding or how it will look in your wedding photography, do not fret. On the contrary, find inspiration from Andrea Casiraghi’s wedding. The couple had an elegant flair for their Bohemian wedding.

Bohemian themes are prevalent in wedding photography. The bride can wear a droplet headpiece, a Bohemian-colored gown, and long flowing hair. The bridesmaids can wear any colour they want, while the groom can wear a tuxedo or his usual clothes.

Vintage Wedding

If you are a fan of Downton Abbey, here is your chance to recreate Lady Edith’s wedding. Vintage themes are prevalent in wedding photography these days.  

A vintage wedding will never go out of style. The bride can wear an elegant yet simple wedding gown or a vintage-inspired one. She can also wear a headpiece of her choice, or she may choose long sleeves, lace, or even an illusion neckline.

Your bridesmaids can wear long gowns. If they want to look more vintage, they can wear a long-sleeve gown and dress it up with long gloves and a headpiece. The men can wear a tuxedo or a classic suit.

Some couples opt to have their wedding in spring or summer to avoid wearing heavy clothing. If you choose this theme, you can go for the flapper’s costume.  


There are a lot of ways for you to choose a theme for your wedding day. You do not have to stick with tradition. Always remember that the important thing for your wedding photography is to have fun.

Once you have your theme, you should reach out to Flux Media Yeg. As a wedding photographer in Edmonton, we can help you immortalize your big day just like we have done for others. Book your wedding now!