A wedding is a celebration of love, a beautiful declaration of commitment and a day marked with joy and unending happiness. Amidst the whirl of emotions and the ecstatic chaos, creating an enchanting wedding album becomes an essential part of commemorating this milestone. As pages unfold, each photo unravels a story, a memory sealed within frames, making a wedding album much more than a collection of photos; it’s a tangible journey of your love story. At Flux Media Yeg, we understand the sentiments attached to this pictorial keepsake, and through this blog series, we aim to guide you in meticulously planning and crafting an unforgettable wedding album.

From candid laughter to heartfelt tears, a wedding album is a treasure trove of captured moments. A glorious testament to your special day, it serves as a beacon of nostalgia that carries you back to your magical celebration whenever you flip its pages. You’ll relive the moment you first locked eyes at the altar, the thrill of the first dance, and the spark in your eyes as you cut your wedding cake.

But what transforms a series of snaps into an enchanting wedding album? It’s the thoughtful selection of moments, the seamless storytelling, the artistic representation, and a touch of your unique personality. However, as dreamy as this sounds, the process of creating this keepsake needs careful planning and decision-making, from choosing the ideal photographer and deciding on the photography style to selecting the must-have moments and designing the layout of the album.

Get ready to embark on a wonderful journey with Flux Media Yeg as we guide you in creating a mesmerizing wedding album, encapsulating not just photos, but feelings, memories, and the timeless celebration of your love.

Selecting the Ideal Wedding Photographer

Your wedding photographer plays an integral role in creating your dream wedding album. When looking for the perfect match, consider the following factors:

  1. Style: Each photographer has their unique style and techniques, from traditional to photojournalistic approaches. Review their portfolios to determine if their style resonates with your vision.
  2. Experience: A seasoned photographer brings valuable expertise and composure, ensuring the best possible outcome for your wedding album. Evaluate their experience by understanding the number of weddings they’ve covered and their comfort level with various locations and lighting conditions.
  3. Personality: Choose a photographer with whom you can build a rapport, as a comfortable and trusting relationship will naturally lead to more genuine and authentic photos.
  4. Testimonials and Reviews: Gather feedback from past clients to learn about their experience with the photographer and gauge their professionalism, reliability, and responsiveness.

Examining Different Photography Styles

The style you choose for your wedding album should reflect the essence of your love story and deserve careful consideration. Here are some popular photography styles commonly used in wedding albums:

  1. Traditional: This style showcases classic, posed portraits with an emphasis on details, formal composition, and timeless appeal. Traditional wedding photography ensures that everyone is included and well-positioned in the photos.
  2. Photojournalistic: This approach captures the spontaneity and emotions of the moments, emphasizing candid, unposed shots. A photojournalistic wedding album narrates your wedding day as it naturally unfolds, thereby providing a more authentic representation of the event.
  3. Fine Art: Artistic and creative, the fine art style enhances your wedding photos with unique compositions, personal touches, and expert post-processing techniques, resulting in visually striking images.
  4. Lifestyle: Lifestyle photography combines the authenticity of photojournalism with the polish of traditional photography. This style captures candid moments while still employing some level of guidance and direction from the photographer, leading to a perfect blend of posed and natural shots.

Planning Your Photo Sessions

To capture the entirety of your special day and create a comprehensive wedding album, it’s essential to plan various photo sessions. Here are some key sessions to consider:

  1. Preparations: Document the behind-the-scenes moments that lead up to your wedding ceremony, capturing the excitement in the process. Capture both the bride and groom preparing for their big day, surrounded by loved ones and friends.
  2. Ceremony: Capture every aspect of the wedding ceremony, from the emotional walk down the aisle to the exchange of vows and rings.
  3. Reception: Get a mix of candid and posed shots that showcase the joyous atmosphere at your wedding reception, focusing on dancing, speeches, and other significant events.
  4. Portraits: Schedule dedicated time for posed family portraits, bridal party shots, and intimate photographs of the newlyweds to ensure a well-rounded wedding album.

Deciding on the Key Moments to Capture

Although every wedding is unique, there are certain universally significant moments that can bring your wedding album to life. Consider the following key moments to create a visually rich and captivating narrative:

  1. Pre-wedding moments: Capture moments such as the exchange of wedding gifts, heartfelt letters from the bride and groom, and families coming together to celebrate.
  2. First looks: Whether it’s a private moment between the newlyweds or the emotional reaction of a parent, documenting first looks results in genuinely touching pictures.
  3. Vows and rings: Show the emotion and solemnity of your vows and the exchange of rings through close-up shots and candid reactions.
  4. Reception highlights: From your grand entrance to the lively dance floor and the cutting of your wedding cake, be sure to document the highlights of your reception.

Designing Your Wedding Album

Once your photos have been selected, it’s time to bring your wedding album to life. Keep the following in mind when designing the layout:

  1. Tell a story: Arrange the photos in chronological order, creating a visual narrative that reflects the natural flow of your wedding day.
  2. Prioritize quality over quantity: Include only the most striking and meaningful images in your album, ensuring that each photo has the necessary space to shine.
  3. Mix it up: Combine various photo formats, shapes, and sizes for a dynamic and captivating layout.
  4. Personal touches: Add quotes, captions, or mementos to make your wedding album uniquely yours.


Creating a mesmerizing wedding album requires thoughtful planning, collaboration, patience, and attention to detail. By choosing the ideal photographer, understanding various photography styles, carefully planning your photo sessions, and thoughtfully designing your album, you’ll craft a visual masterpiece that not only captures the magic and emotions of your special day but celebrates the essence of your love story. 

Let Flux Media Yeg accompany you through this enchanting journey, immortalizing your precious moments and turning them into a timeless keepsake you’ll cherish for a lifetime. We provide premier Edmonton wedding photography and videography services. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!